The Curse of Oak Island Season 6: Show looks set to return in 2018

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 is looking all but confirmed after a string of developments — including a record number of viewers tuning in and big hints being dropped on the show. The series is History’s No1 program and the top cable offering on Tuesday nights, and we all know high ratings make

Exclusive: Juicy and Abira have major clash on Little Women: Atlanta

Juicy and Abira have a major clash on Little Women: Atlanta this week — in an episode which also sees Juicy suffer an unexpected health scare. In our exclusive clip, Abira accuses Juicy of being too involved in herself to have the time to manage her properly. The argument comes at an event which Juicy did

Major discoveries on The Curse of Oak Island ahead of Season 5 finale

Major discoveries are made on The Curse of Oak Island tonight — as the excitement ramps up ahead of next week’s Season 5 finale. The sneak peek at the end of last week’s episode showed a red gemstone being uncovered as well as a man-made wooden structure at Smith’s Cove. The red stone, which looked to

Married at First Sight’s Jonathan ‘frustrated’ over lack of intimacy says Molly

Married at First Sight’s Molly Duff reveals on tonight’s episode that she thinks husband Jonathan Francetic is “frustrated” over their lack of physical intimacy. She uses the phrase while confiding in fellow MAFS bride Shawniece Jackson about how she is feeling about taking things to the next level with Jon and why she is choosing to

Street Outlaws vs Fast N’ Loud Mega Race 2: Discovery showdown returns

It’s time for Street Outlaws vs Fast N’ Loud Mega Race 2! The build-up to the second instalment of Discovery’s hit race-off starts tonight on Discovery — with the main event going down in a week’s time on March 5. Last year’s first clash between the stars of the two shows saw Street Outlaws emerge

Counting On Season 7: Honeymoons, weddings and babies for the Duggar family

Counting On Season 7 is here! The Duggar family are back on our screens for all-new episodes of the TLC show — in a season set to be filled with big announcements and major moments. The premiere starts just as newly married Joy and Austin jet off for their honeymoon in mountainous Switzerland. The cameras went with

Red Sparrow movie review: For your eyerolls only

I give Red Sparrow the benefit of the doubt that it wanted to portray the dehumanization of women in an socially responsible way. They failed, but they couldn’t have been this off base on purpose. After a graphically catastrophic ballet injury, Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence)’s uncle Vanya (Matthias Schoenaerts) suggests another line of work. He sends

The Dead Files asks: Is the The Palmer House hotel haunted?

This week on The Dead Files, Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi head to Minnesota and a Sauk Centre hotel with more than history lurking in its rooms. The small city of Sauk Centre lies in Stearns County, Minnesota, and has few things to make it notable other than a famous son and The Palmer House hotel, which