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Exclusive: Juicy and Abira have major clash on Little Women: Atlanta

Juicy and Abira have a major clash on Little Women: Atlanta this week — in an episode which also sees Juicy suffer an unexpected health scare.

In our exclusive clip, Abira accuses Juicy of being too involved in herself to have the time to manage her properly. The argument comes at an event which Juicy did not book Abira for, resulting in Abira taking matters into her own hands — which really upset Juicy.

Abira tells Juicy: “Maybe we’re just not on the same level of how I’m trying to take my career.” She adds: “Bottom line, if you’re not going to ride with me the way I need you to ride with me you’re not going to ride with me at all. Right now that’s not what you’re doing — you’re still managing Juicy Baby.”

But when Abira starts raising her voice, Juicy puts her foot down telling her: “You need to calm down. Because you’re not going to talk to me like that.”

Abira lays into Juicy for being too involved in managing herself
Juicy hits back at Abira, telling her that a manager is there for a reason

During the episode the girls rally around Juicy when she has to undergo a scan after a health scare. Meanwhile, Monie and Minnie help Sam as she attempts to overcome her commitment issues, and Andrea and her baby are put at risk when she starts suffering serious complications with her pregnancy.

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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