Exclusive: Todd Hoffman breaks King Kong boulder on Gold Rush

Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush
Todd Hoffman reminisces about his Gold Rush adventures as he plots to obliterate King Kong

Tonight on Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman is FINALLY hitting a streak finding great gold, but then hits a massive obstacle — a boulder the size of a large school bus.

Todd’s shocking announcement last Friday that he was leaving the Discovery show has hit fans hard, but if our interview with him is anything to go by he has plenty more creative mining endeavors up his sleeve.

Tonight the action sees him having to be creative in a different way — using chemicals to smash up a monster boulder he calls “King Kong”.

The enormous rock is completely blocking his crew’s progress and stands in the way of some lucrative pay dirt.

If you remember from last week, Todd can’t use pyro due to local permitting rules so he has to find an ingenious way to remove it.

They end up drilling holes through the boulder and then filling it with an expansive material that will create pressure within the rock cavity as it dries, causing the boulder to crack and break. But what happens the morning after the night before remains to be seen.

With Todd’s time on Gold Rush coming to an end, these last episodes of Season 8 are a must-watch for fans.

Watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s episode below!

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9pm on Discovery.

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