Exclusive: Todd Hoffman breaks King Kong boulder on Gold Rush

Tonight on Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman is FINALLY hitting a streak finding great gold, but then hits a massive obstacle — a boulder the size of a large school bus. Todd’s shocking announcement last Friday that he was leaving the Discovery show has hit fans hard, but if our interview with him is anything to

Todd Hoffman quits Gold Rush: Could Hunter Hoffman step into his dad’s role?

Last night, Gold Rush: Live revealed the big secret Discovery been keeping a very tight lid on — Todd Hoffman is leaving the show. Building on his fame from the series and catapulted by the wildly successful reception to his singing voice, the Oregon native is striking out on his own. Hoffman is the show’s Holy

Gold Rush exclusive: Todd Hoffman is mining for gold in a postage stamp

The Fairplay mine has the most gold-rich paydirt of any of Todd Hoffman’s claims on Gold Rush, but there’s a hitch — he’s hardly allowed to dig any of it! In our exclusive clip from this week’s episode, Freddy Dodge explains how he’s only been left a postage stamp-sized parcel of land to mine relative

Gold Rush exclusive: Nightmare for Hoffman crew after string of setbacks

On tonight’s Gold Rush, the Hoffman crew have a nightmare episode following a string of setbacks — including washplant Rusty Red breaking down and a truck slamming into a boulder. Todd and his crew now have three plants in operation, with Freddy Dodge’s Rusty Red in Fairplay, Colorado, running full of paydirt laced with gold,