Hoffman Family Gold exclusive: Todd Hoffman and his crew discover an old mine drift

Todd Hoffman from Hoffman Family Gold
Todd Hoffman explains how old miners used to dig for gold. Pic credit: Discovery+

Are Todd Hoffman and his crew going to hit literal paydirt? That’s what it’s looking like in this exclusive sneak peek for the next episode of Hoffman Family Gold.

Todd and his crew are currently mining a very gold-rich site in Mammoth Valley, Alaska, where their goal is to take home 1000 ounces of gold this year. And based on what we’re seeing in this new clip shared exclusively with Monsters and Critics, they’re in the perfect place to do just that.

That is evidenced by their latest find, an older timer’s miner’s drift and it’s a pretty big one too.

As Todd explains in the clip, back in the old days, miner’s didn’t have the massive equipment he and his team use to dig up commercial amounts of gold. Instead, they used picks, shovels and good old elbow grease.

It was a grueling and dangerous job, even more so than what we’re seeing these guys do on Hoffman Family Gold. When miners found a good amount of gold, they’d start building a drift, which is essentially a tunnel where they dig for more gold.

If they find a good amount, they’ll build the drift bigger and wider to get even more of the precious ore and that’s how Todd knows that there’s a lot of gold in this area. The drift they found is pretty wide, meaning that the area was rich in gold or else the miners wouldn’t have built such a big drift.

“It looks like this drift filled up with water and soil and it froze,” Todd explained as he and his crew examine the area. “We’ve been digging into it from the side.”

Todd went on to explain why finding a drift is a huge score for his team — and especially a drift the size of this one.

“We take this very serious, and when we’ve ever found any of these, it’s always been the best gold we’ve ever had,” Todd said.

What a find! Now we can’t wait to see how much gold Todd and his crew can pull from this massive miner drift and the area surrounding it.

To see the drift and Todd Hoffman’s explanation of what they found, check out this Hoffman Family Gold sneak peek and tune in to see the rest of what happens this week.

Hoffman Family Gold airs on Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery Channel.

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