The Curse of Oak Island returns: Is keyhole part of a treasure chest?

Marty Lagina and Gary Drayton
Marty Lagina examines the keyhole found on this week’s The Curse of Oak Island

The Curse of Oak Island returns to our screens tonight — with the discovery of a keyhole which is thought could be part of a missing chest.

The History show’s fifth season took a one-week break last week due to the Winter Olympics getting under way.

However, the series returns tonight with Season 5 Episode 14, “Steel Trapped”, which sees metal-detection expert Gary Drayton uncover the decorative keyhole.

The keyhole found by Gary Drayton on this week’s episode

It is speculated that the keyhole may be part of a chest, and comes after two metal hinges were discovered last episode in what is believed to be an ancient dump site.

Also on this week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, Marty Lagina speculates that some sort of plate may be covering something of importance in the Money Pit.

It comes as they make further headway in understanding what the obstruction was that they hit in the DMT shaft last episode.

The description for this week’s episode reads: “It’s all hands on deck in the Money Pit as the team hits something in the DMT shaft that may prove to be the last thing standing between it and the answers below.

“Meanwhile, Gary Drayton strikes again when he zeros in on a find that could be a key piece of a missing treasure chest.”

There are just two more episodes of Season 5 left after this week’s episode. Season 5 Episode 15 will air on Tuesday next week, with the season finale the week after on March 6 — immediately followed by the premiere of new treasure-hunting show The Curse of Civil War Gold.

A Drilling Down episode recapping Season 5 of The Curse of Oak Island will then air the week after on March 13.

Watch the trailer for this week’s episode below!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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