Ghost Adventures suspects demons at San Haven Sanatorium in North Dakota

This week on Ghost Adventures the team head to the San Haven Sanatorium in North Dakota. The Sanatorium treated those suffering from tuberculous, that until relatively recently was often fatal. As a result, over 1000 people died at the institution and Zak hopes that the team can help some of them be at peace. However, not all

Alien Invasion or Deep Sea Disaster on 10 Ways the World Will End

This week Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End asks what would happen if hostile aliens attacked the planet or if the ocean currents stopped their cycle? The Earth being invaded by aggressive aliens has been depicted in endless sci-fi movies. Sometimes these far away visitors are after the Earth itself for resources, other times


Paranormal Lockdown investigates Oliver House and its haunted woods

This week on Paranormal Lockdown, Nick and Katrina are headed to Massachusetts and the 18-century Oliver House. The owners of this historical property is concerned that it might be a danger to potential tourists and have called in the Paranormal Lockdown team to do a Ghostbusters style check on the house. They agree to conduct

Lack of food is the mother of invention and despair on Alone

This week on Alone the eight remaining survivalist struggle to food and have to get creative to feed themselves. One tries his luck with a catapult, but in practice it proves a hard weapon to master….eighteen shots to hit a static target! Another ends up having to wade into the lake in search of fish


Vikings Recap: Ragnar swears revenge as he meets All His Angels

The demise of Ragnar at the hands of a King whom he thought very little of was wrought with emotion in what was a gut-wrenching farewell. Ivar’s emotional goodbye where Ragnar tells him he is destined to be ruthless and avenge his death. Ecbert’s cowardly abdication of his role in Ragnar’s death, becoming an anonymous spectator. Aelle’s

Project Runway winner Erin Robertson slams editing on show in Season 15 reunion

Project Runway Season 15 winner Erin Robertson has slammed the way parts of the show were edited — saying she and others were portrayed unfairly. The designer says in this week’s reunion special that she believes she and others were made to look bad. Erin’s comments came after Tim asked her and Dexter how they felt

Josh Flagg’s amazing flash mob proposal on Million Dollar Listing LA finale

Proposals come in innumerable different forms — but Josh Flagg’s flash mob lead-up to popping the question in Paris on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles has to be one of the most romantic. The realtor got down on one knee at the famous five-star Four Seasons George V hotel in the French capital to ask fiance Bobby

Cockroaches, electric fans and vacuum cleaners on My Kid’s Obsession

My Kid’s Obsession is a one-hour special featuring five kids who collect some pretty unusual stuff. There is a boy who collects electric fans, a girl with a lot of cockroaches and a teen who collects rare vacuum cleaners. Electric fans might be practical and great for when the air con goes down but are


Tyara confirms pregnancy on Real World Seattle: Bad Blood

On this week’s episode of The Real World, Tyara confirms her pregnancy and Peter is annoyed with Jenn. Tyara comes home from her doctor’s appointment and is feeling emotional after confirming what she thought last week, that she is pregnant. She struggles to collect her thoughts as she deals with the reality of what her condition means

True grit on Alaskan Bush People and new season next week

On this week’s Alaskan Bush People, as the year ends the Brown’s are glad to have survived what was one of their hardest years so far. With the outside world being responsible for many of their hardships, the family are keen to get back to the bush over the next year. They know the life