Project Runway winner Erin Robertson slams editing on show in Season 15 reunion

Dexter and Erin in Project Runway season reunion
Dexter and Erin, as she lays into the way Project Runway was edited

Project Runway Season 15 winner Erin Robertson has slammed the way parts of the show were edited — saying she and others were portrayed unfairly.

The designer says in this week’s reunion special that she believes she and others were made to look bad.

Erin’s comments came after Tim asked her and Dexter how they felt when he used his save to keep Cornelius in the running earlier in the competition.

She says: “I definitely have issues with the way that the whole episode was portrayed. It was hurtful, because I thought we were having fun.”

Asked if it was edited accurately, both Dexter and Erin then say they didn’t think it was.

Erin said: “I think we all worked really hard. I was hurt.”

She also took issue with Tim calling her “mean”. She says: “I don’t think we were mean girls. We were making jokes and having fun.”

But Cornelius obviously disagrees. When Tim asks him how he thought the editing was done, he says: “I thought it was portrayed perfectly.”

 The Project Runway season reunion airs tonight, December 29, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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