Cockroaches, electric fans and vacuum cleaners on My Kid’s Obsession

Kids collecting stuff
Collecting vacuum cleaners might be quite unusual, but hey suck it up! Credit: TLC

My Kid’s Obsession is a one-hour special featuring five kids who collect some pretty unusual stuff.

There is a boy who collects electric fans, a girl with a lot of cockroaches and a teen who collects rare vacuum cleaners.

Electric fans might be practical and great for when the air con goes down but are they much fun to collect? Well one Wisconsin boy thinks so and you’ll be blown away by the size of his collection.

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Further south, in Oklahoma, a girl has a host of cockroaches as pets. This has got to be most parents idea of of a nightmare! Still these hardy insects are fascinating and evidently they think we are pretty gross too!

Another kid with an obsession is an Iowa teenager who is out looking for a very rare vacuum cleaner to add to his collection.

Tune into find out more about them and the other kid collectors.

Catch My Kid’s Obsession at 10 PM on TLC.

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