Tyara confirms pregnancy on Real World Seattle: Bad Blood

Tyara is emotional in Real World Seattle: Bad Blood
Tyara is emotional in Real World Seattle: Bad Blood

On this week’s episode of The Real World, Tyara confirms her pregnancy and Peter is annoyed with Jenn.

Tyara comes home from her doctor’s appointment and is feeling emotional after confirming what she thought last week, that she is pregnant.

She struggles to collect her thoughts as she deals with the reality of what her condition means as she calls her mom.

Her mom assures her everything will be fine and that it is already fine.

Peter seems very angry
Peter seems very angry and is involved in some emotional blackmail of Jenn

Meantime, Peter is annoyed that Jenn is still speaking to anna and Katrina, even though he’s made his feelings about the pair clear.

He confronts her in the bedroom and says he doesn’t deserve this and that he loves her.

The pair bicker and she tries to leave the area, though that just makes Peter angrier.

Watch The Real World Seattle – For the Love of Pete at 10 PM on MTV.

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