Lack of food is the mother of invention and despair on Alone

Alone and hungry
Alone and feeling the sting of failure as food runs low

This week on Alone the eight remaining survivalist struggle to food and have to get creative to feed themselves.

One tries his luck with a catapult, but in practice it proves a hard weapon to master….eighteen shots to hit a static target!

Another ends up having to wade into the lake in search of fish trapped in the reeds.

Anything to get food
Anything to get food

One is even involved in a sort of battle of wills with a rather cunning predator, who can spot a trap a mile away.

Someone else works a very smart way of getting some much needed protein.

Eight remain but as food supplies run low, it can’t be long before that number dwindles further.

Watch Alone – Outfoxed at 9 PM on History. 

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