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Britney Spears' music repels Somali Pirates
Britney Spears' Work B*tch video, some thoughts
Britney Spears on Miley, new 'nasty bitch mommy' body and Vegas
Smurfs 2 Premiere Pictures
Britney Spears works with on new album
Britney Spears possible exit, will it even matter for 'The X Factor'?
'The X Factor' Season 2 Finale Press Conference Pictures
'X Factor' clip roundup of top 13 performances (VIDEOS)
Fox's 'The X Factor' Season 2 Finalists Party Pictures
Billy Gardell, Simon Cowell, Britney Spears interviews from Leno (VIDEOS)
X Factor's Britney, Demi and Simon promos are launched (VIDEOS)
The X Factor Pictures
Simon Cowell teases Britney Spears and Demi Lovato ready to tweak contestants
The X Factor Pictures
The X Factor Reward Ultimate Fans with Exclusive Access to Boot Camp
2012 Fox Upfronts Programming Presentation Post-Show Party Pictures
Britney Spears signs on to X Factor
Chris O'Dowd engaged
Kevin Federline happy about Britney Spears engagement
Britney Spears and Jason Trawick celebrate their engagement in Vegas
Britney Spears engaged to Jason Trawick
Britney Spears' Christmas engagement
Backstreet Boy Howie D joining Britney Spears on tour
2011 MTV Video Music Awards Pictures
Britney Spears: Femme Fatale Premieres on TV this November
Britney Spears, hair weaves and Pauly D lap dance video
Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour snags Joe Jonas
DJ Pauly D and Britney Spears have a thing in August: Tour Dates revealed
Britney Spears' personal hygiene, mental state under fire in new legal row with bodyguard
Britney Spears in Concert Pictures
'Glee' cast not keen on Britney Spears for future episodes
Britney Spears' dad issues cease and desist on snappers Brit nipple shots
Britney Spears Shops in White Mini
Britney Spears in Cut-offs Grabs a Soda
Britney Spears in new meltdown over financial arrangements
In Pictures: 'Britney Spears Gets Her Nails Done'
Fuse rings in 2010 with Top 40 of ’09 marathon
In Pictures: 'Britney Grabs a Coffee'
In Pictures: 'Britney Spears Does a Bit of Shopping'
FUSE tips hat, Top 40 of ’09 airs Dec. 12
Britney channels Russell in MTV VMA spoof
Britney Spears and Russell Brand take comedy act public: MTV VMA video
Agent Trawick and Britney Spears not dating
FOX Teen Choice Awards for Britney Spears: Ultimate Choice Award
Britney Spears' hog wild stimulus plan
Britney Spears' stage incident and cyber attack
Dr. Drew Pinsky calls out Lohan, Spears for addiction, narcissism
BBC 3 looking for UK Britney Spears fans and lookalikes
Fred Durst no fan of discretion, still talking about old Spears' tryst
In photos: 'Britney Spears' Circus Tour in New Orleans'
Britney Spears' bad taste in men keeps costing her
Britney Spears' crazy past still haunting her: Adnan Ghalib incident
In photos: 'Madame Tussauds in London Reveals new Britney Spears Figure'
Britney Spears' last laugh: Career and personal life on track
In photos: 'Britney Spears performs on Good Morning America'
Simon Cowell quashes UK media Britney blasts for 'X-Factor'
Britney's son reported better, allergic reaction
Britney Spears' son Jayden hospitalized
In photos: 'Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake perform with Madonna'
Britney Spears' split jury
How I Met Your Mother - Season Three – DVD Review
Britney Spears' 'Womanizer;' The uncensored video
MTV Video Music Awards; redemption for Britney?
Britney Spears picks up a Best Female Video Nominee for 'Piece of Me'
K-Fed attorney grateful for Britney coverage: Saves fortune in PI's
Neil Patrick Harris, Britney's back
Britney back on TV, 'How I Met Your Mother' role
CBS hopes Britney can 'hit them one more time' - Video
Britney Spears preview: How I Met Your Mother
Britney Spears still a nutter butter
Britney Spears catches a break, sees her two boys
Britney quietly released from hospital, goes home
Sam Lutfi kicked to the curb by Britney's parents
Britney Spears caught sobbing, Sam Lufti blabs to 'The View'
Britney's two bad men: Time to dump Sam and Adnan?
Britney Spears is full of baloney
Britney Spears must be committed soon
Britney Spears in a burqa?
Tony Barretto's 15 minutes of fame continues: Britney blather
Britney and paparazzo Adnan Ghalib caught on film
Britney loses her sons to Federline, no visitation rights either
Lynne Spears asks for your prayers for Britney
Britney Spears mental breakdown, rushed to Cedars Sinai
Britney Spears to try acting again
No book will be from Britney Spears’ mom
Britney Spears defaults on lawsuit
Britney no-shows for deposition
Britney strips down in Hustler store, panty try ons and wig theft
Britney Spears never had a chance; horrific family background
Britney and Sony BMG sued by Louis Vuitton, loses in court
Britney Spears maintains low expectations, kids banned from her car
Britney Spears storms out of Court cursing
Britney Spears' fat lips and flattened paparazzo foot
Britney Spears cut off from children now
Britney Spears' booked in Van Nuys station
Another day, another picture of Britney's naked ladyparts
Britney’s ‘Blackout’ gets a new release date due to online leaks
Britney Spears album gets a name and release date
Britney Spears' Mom To The Rescue
Britney can't get it together for license
Britney Spears loses custody of two sons
Britney Spears the ringleader in her own circus
Britney Spears charged with hit and run
Britney Spears loses custody of two sons
Drama Queen Chris Crocker's 'tearful' Britney performance art
Britney Spears her own worst enemy
Britney's tearful VMA exit
Britney Spears returns to MTV
Lethargic Spears dismal VMA stage presence
Can Britney pull of a comeback at VMA's?
Britney's ex manager on the lam
Britney has label worried
Tabloids press for access to Federline, Spears custody battle
Britney Spears mom rage incident
Britney Spears' mothering choices make tabloid rounds
OK! Magazine to run the Britney photos
Celebrity death spiral: Britney pitches herself to OK!
Britney Spears to perform as part of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” concert
Britney wants fans help in naming new album
Britney Spears posts open letter to fans
Britney Spears needs her privacy in the loo
Britney Spears: 'It's not even leather!' flight tantrum
Britney Spears' technical difficulties in Orlando
Britney gets spiritual with fans
Britney post-mortem: Lipsynching, bad wigs and stripper moves
Spears takes to the stage for the first time in three years
Britney Spears, Federline settle divorce
Britney muzzles British press on rehab leaks
Britney Spears ready to graduate rehab
Britney Spears may have financial crisis looming
Bulimic, bipolar and bald Britney?
Timbaland wants to help Britney take back her pop throne
Album Review: The Dollyrots – ‘Because I’m Awesome’
Third time a charm? Britney back in rehab
Britney attempts suicide
Federline calls for emergency custody hearing
Britney ditches Malibu rehab after one day
Disturbed Britney goes back to rehab
Britney is wigging out
Britney goes completely Sinéad
Britney rehabs in Miami sun
Britney Spears' high society snub
Britney Spears' lover 'spins', kisses and tells
Britney avoids Paris, Fashion Week tango
The dark side of Britney
Ne-Yo releases first single from sophomore album
Britney Spears to guest star in Doctor Who?
Britney Spears' hard sell
NFL punts 'trainwreck' Britney Spears
Britney Spears travels with electricity?
Britney blows off record producers
Britney's K Fed doppelganger Cohen
Britney Spears' stylist says don't blame me
Blackwell's 47th annual 'Worst Dressed' list
Britney Spears' new mystery man
Britney and K-Fed iron out joint custody
Britney's message to her fans
Britney Spears has hit the wall
Britney Spears collapses at New Year's hosting gig
Couple rumor mill: Britney Spears and Matt Leinart?
Britney Spears web site closing drama unfolds
Britney Spears tell all to hit the stands soon
Britney's continued spiral: Tattoo Tuesday
Britney Spears gets the hook at local strip club
Britney Spears booed at ball game
Britney hits back at critics, 'time to party'
Paglia: The rise and fall of Britney Spears
Britney hits quarter century mark
Bimbo zeitgeist: Lohan out, Spears and Hilton tight again
Britney and Brandon: 'Leave it to Beaver' remake?
O'Donnell offers Britney lessons in wearing undergarments
If drapes matched carpet, Britney would be bald
Britney bi-sexual says disgruntled ex Federline
Britney scraps Malibu for Miami
K Fed's hat in hand, doggie bags of free food
Spears' first husband surfaces, says Fed Ex squandered fortune
K Fed negotiating to sell sex tape for 50 Million?
Malibu manse up for sale, Britney is moving on
Britney's next reveal a Vegas comeback?
Britney Spears pre-nup details are finally divulged
Britney Spears timing critical in pre-nup fine print
Britney's new man
K Fed wrasslin' was the last straw for Spears
Britney Spears is K Fed up: Files for divorce
Britney Spears: Loses baby weight and lawsuit
Judge tosses out Britney Spears' libel suit against Us Weekly
Britney and K-Fed party at a distance from each other
Federline grooves with gals in Vegas, Spears home
Britney Spears gives the ax to publicist
Federline nabs another acting role on HBO's 'Entourage'
Japanese okay with naked Britney Spears shot after all
Britney yells at Jessica during Teen Choice Awards
K-Fed’s rapping debut causes hip-hop critics to “lose control” of their laughter
Britney Spears admits second pregnancy was a mistake
New bust of Hillary Clinton anatomically correct
Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith videos: Inane, rambling breeding cows
Britney Spears falls in love with Sheen’s Kidz
Britney Spears, not a nice country girl?
UK Tabloid eats crow over Spears and Hudson
Federline income stream on the rise
Britney Spears new “war of the publicists” reality show
Britney Spears leaves Malibu?
Pop star Pink defends Spears
Britney Spears poses nude for Harper’s Bazaar
Lindsay Lohan gets call from Madonna 'Be my new friend'
Britney Spears to press: Stop flinging it like a monkey
Mel Gibson and family flee from 'The Clampetts' of Malibu: Spears and Federline
Britney Spears goes public with NBC's Matt Lauer
Britney Spears turns down Sweet Charity role
Spears and Sweet Charity to move to The Hilton Theater?
Britney Spears to join Sweet Charity?
Britney Spears donates to cancer organization
Britney having twins and money trouble?
Britney says nude photo rumors are not true
Britney Spears still denying breast implant rumors
Britney Spears gets upgraded ring from hubby
Britney says she is loving pregnancy
Spears Sued by Songwriter
Britney talks about pregnancy and reality
Britney’s pregnancy test sold to the highest bidder
Britney Spears Willing to Quit Career
Britney Spears and Kevin Ferdiline Reality Show Starts May 17
Unreleased Spears Track Becomes Instant Hit
Kevin Federline Pitches Own Reality Show
Britney Barred From Looking After Stepson
Britney Spears Ring-Fenced Wealth Before Marriage
Britney Spears Will Not be a Desperate Housewife
Britney Spears and Husband to Tell Story of Their Love on Own Show
Cross And Longoria Join Spears Tabloid Attack
Dear False Tabloids Says Britney
Britney Spears Says Viva La Vegas
Britney Spears Not Happy at Snaps
Gary Lineker Becomes Britney Spears for Ad
Britney Spears Legal Action Over Knee Injury
Britney Spears Had A Revelation After Seeing Wicked

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