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Zuum shoes on Shark Tank: Where to buy them and how do they work?

entrepreneurs from Happy Valley, Oregon, hope their portable transportation device will become the next multimillion-dollar hit called Zuum
Robert Herjavic tests out Zuum on Shark Tank. Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Zuum claims to be the most portable transportation device and could make a major impact on the way people get around — at least when it comes to short distances. Mason Buechler is bringing the motorized shoes to Shark Tank in the hope that one or more of the sharks will want to invest.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Zuum Technologies is looking to reduce carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels by way of Zuum shoes, which are powered by electricity and are ridable for short trips to the store, commutes to work, and more.

The way Zuum shoes work, the rider literally just has to step on to them. Then, to go forward, one just leans forward. To go backward, just lean back. According to the website, “the more you lean, the faster they go.”

There are no straps to keep them on your feet and to ride them will require a bit of balance — but with practice, riding around on Zuum shoes looks pretty easy and fun.

Zuum shoes have a weight limit of 220 pounds. Those riding the electric “shoes” are advised to wear a helmet and should be at least six years old.

The rubber tire under each of the Zuum shoes is solid rubber and won’t deflate. Further, the battery is encased in a fireproof case that will keep them from igniting while riding or charging.

The retail price for Zuum shoes is $499.99, but, right now, they are listed for $299.99 on the Zuum Technologies website and can be purchased in either blue or black.

Those looking to purchase a pair of Zuum shoes can expect to wait 5-7 business days after their order has shipped before receiving them. From the date of the order, the total time it takes to receive them should be less than two weeks.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.