Zorpads on Shark Tank: No more stinky shoes

Zorpads will be pitching on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

On Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, the founders of Zorpads will pitch their shoe pads to help people avoid stinky shoes. The idea is that the pads suck up odor, allowing you to proudly and confidently wear your shoes without the fear of stinking up the place.

Zorpad Shoe Odor Inserts are designed based on patent-pending construction and materials that absorb odors, allowing you to live your life without bad smells coming from your shoes.

The great thing about the pads is that they fit into any shoe, because they are smaller squares. That means you no longer have to cut shoe pads to fit your chosen shoe.

The company was founded by Sierra Smith and Taylor Weigele. Sierra has two degrees, one from Notre Dame and one from Harvard Business School. She’s been hands-on in every aspect of Zorpads, while Taylor has experience solving everyday problems.

The great thing about the pads is that they can save shoes that are already sticky. This isn’t just a preventative, but also a pad that can save your favorite shoes. All Shark Tank Products claim that one pad is capable of absorbing the orders from an area the size of a tennis court.

One set of pads will work for about 60 uses, so if you wear your shoes every day, you can count on a pair of pads working for two months.

You can buy the Zorpads on Amazon, where a five-pack is currently listed for $23.99. The one-pack is listed for $4.99. You can also buy them on the company’s website, where you can choose from a singular pair, five pairs, 10 pairs, or 25 pairs.

Shark Tank airs this Sunday at 8/7c for a double-episode night on ABC.

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