Zendaya plus first runway show and photoshoot on America’s Next Top Model

Stunning Zendaya meets the America's Next Top Model hopefuls ahead of their first runway show
The gorgeous Zendaya meets the America’s Next Top Model hopefuls before their first runway show

Now this is Something to Dance For! America’s Next Top Model features Zendaya this week — as the stunning singer and actress helps the wannabe superstar models before the first runway show of the season.

Law Roach tells the girls he’s going to be their stylist for the show — which also includes the season’s first photoshoot. Not a bad treat for them considering how much he would actually cost to hire!

He then tells them he’s going to give them the same treatment as he would for one of his favorite clients. Who? Zendaya!

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As if that wasn’t enough, he then springs the ultimate surprise — that Zendaya is there to join them.

The girls can’t believe their luck, and are totally gushing as they get to meet the Shake It Up star.

Contestant Cody is star-struck, as she says: “I watch this girl on TV all the time!”

Zendaya then offers them advice ahead of their first catwalk attempt, which will see them walk to the end of the runway before falling into the arms of a hunky bunch of men.

As they are carried away, their photos will be taken from above — with the results of the photoshoot being analyzed later.

The episode, titled Lights, Camera, Catwalk, also sees the final 14 America’s Next Top Model contenders take part in a runway bootcamp with supermodel and runway coach Stacey McKenzie.

And things get serious when the ladies have a debate about race relations in the US.

Watch Zendaya meet the America’s Next Top Model hopefuls below.

America’s Next Top Model airs Mondays at 10/9c on VH-1.

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