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Yukon Men exclusive: Disaster strikes as Stan races to protect his dogs from Mother Nature

Stan Zuray is in a race against time to keep his dogs safe from the cold on this week’s Yukon Men

On tonight’s freezing Yukon Men, Stan Zuray is in a race against time to get hay for his dogs to keep them safe from the cold — but disaster strikes when he tries to use his botched-together truck.

Mother Nature is rapidly causing weather conditions to deteriorate and Stan knows things are getting perilous as the temperature rapidly drops.

He needs the hay to keep his dogs warm during the icy cold snap bearing down on the remote Alaskan hamlet of Tanana.

The only way to get it is by travelling in his truck, but after the transfer case on the underside of the vehicle comes loose he has to fix it up — Yukon style.

Stan and his family apply a “band-aid” to stop the frozen ice from knocking the underside out, using…a plank of wood.

Stan’s makeshift “band-aid” for his truck, made out of a plank of wood

As the cold snap continues to descend, in our exclusive clip below we travel down an icy unpaved road with Stan.

Read our exclusive interview with Stan Zuray ahead of this season

All good, until he leaves the road and heads into the woods. His mission? Fill a tarpaulin with hay to keep his dogs warm.

Then calamity strikes as he tries to reverse down a dirt road and the tires of his patched-together truck sink into the icy mud.

Stan’s tire sinks into the mud, but will he be able to get it out?

Also on tonight’s episode, Chris and Jessi realize that hauling firewood is a job that seems easy on paper but isn’t in these extreme conditions.

They enlist their born and bred Alaskan sled dog Tozi for an assist, but it has a mind of its own and throws a wrench in their plans.

Also, Charlie’s sister-in-law desperately needs a new wood stove after her old stove breaks down, and anyone who knows Yukon Men knows that a wood stove is vital up in the area.

But before Charlie can help her, he gets a dramatic call that will up-end his whole world…

Yukon Men airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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