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Yukon Men exclusive: Cuppie is resistant to trapping, saying ‘I don’t want rabbit soup’

Snaring rabbits is not top of Cuppie’s to do list, but she helps her mum

Trapping rabbits? If you want to eat in Tanana, the hamlet at the center of Discovery’s Yukon Men, you need to get over visions of Bugs Bunny in your head.

Tonight, Courtney Agnes and her daughter Cuppie give us a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare rabbit snares and hunt and kill bunnies for dinner.

But Cuppie is resistant. She like rabbits.

And when Courtney says she won’t have “rabbit soup” for dinner if the animals don’t get trapped, Cuppie says: “I don’t want rabbit soup!”

Cuppie really had to be talked into this trap-setting tutorial by Courtney

Our exclusive clip opens at the Moore Family trapline with an aerial shot. Courtney says after her lesson: “I was super excited to see, you know, that she [Cuppie] can just engage like that, and she knew what to do and where to go in how to do it.

“It makes me happy because that’s our culture, you know, that’s our future… you know we can keep going.”

Elsewhere this episode, while trapping season is under way the snowfall prevents Stan from running his dogs to his trapline.

And now there are more outsiders, someone is horning in on Charlie’s ancestral trapline, and he needs Stan’s aid to help him protect his lands.

But a plan enacted seems to be “too little too late”.

Meanwhile Courtney takes Cuppie out trapping more than just rabbits.

But an unexpected pitfall has the two in dire straights tonight, as they will spend the night in the dangerous Alaskan wilderness together…

Yukon Men airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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