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Yukon Men exclusive: Chris and Jessi show how to hunt beavers using sticks and an old bicycle

Chris Morse shows us how his resourceful mind works, finding junk in the woods nets a new tool!
Chris Morse shows how his resourceful mind works, finding junk in the woods to build a new tool

You’ve got to be resourceful if you live in the wilderness, as our exclusive clip from this week’s Yukon Men shows.

In it Chris and Jessi Morse show how to make arrows to hunt beavers using sticks and…an old bicycle!

The winter is coming, bearing down on the Tanana residents as the season for trapping arrives.

The villagers all have their favorite places to run traplines before any interlopers from the outside try to stake claims that are already pegged by the townsfolk.

On tonight’s chock-filled episode, the Moore family face a medical emergency and evacuation that has everyone on edge.

Also, Charlie Wright’s daughter Teneisha’s boyfriend is introduced, and Charlie tests his character by assigning tasks like clearing a trail along a dangerous section of the Yukon River.

But our favorite moment happens when Chris and Jessi Morse put their heads together to try and create some usable weapons for hunting.

The two are working together to stockpile a winter pantry of food. Money is scarce, so they use their wits and the available resources to create primitive weapons.

“We’re coming into winter and we need any kind of meat stock,” says Chris Morse. “We have to figure out a way to make arrows.”

Bowfishing for beaver? Yep! That’s the plan as Chris Morse gives fans a special lesson in making a weapon on the fly with the junk left for garbage in the woods.

In our exclusive clip below, Morse explains that his childhood lack of money was the mother of invention for him.

He constructs a lathe out of spare junk he has salvaged, which he then uses to make arrows.

Chris is stitching together salvaged junk to make a real lathe

His arrow accuracy depends on this makeshift tool. You will marvel at his ingenious usage of random parts to make a usable tool which has paid off well for him.

His partner Jessi Morse looks doubtful at first, but she comes around. She mans the turning pedal part of the lathe and says: “We need this arrow to fly true!”

Jessi is doubtful at first of Chris’ on the fly invention, but then sees his idea works

In the end, Chris’s inventive idea works!

Yukon Men airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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