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Yandy Smith-Harris inches from injury after table flipped on her in Love & Hip Hop

Yandy Smith-Harris vents her fury about Lil Mendeeces to the camera on this week's Love & Hip Hop
Yandy Smith-Harris vents her fury about Lil Mendeeces to the camera on this week’s Love & Hip Hop

Yandy Smith-Harris comes inches from being injured on Love & Hip Hop this week, when Lil Mendeeces’ grandmother Kim Wallace flips a table on to her after a heated argument.

The pair clash after Yandy asks Kim to meet her to try and figure out whether rumors she’s heard about where Lil Mendeeces is living are true.

Judy Harris, mum of Yandy’s incarcerated husband Mendeeces, told her that Lil Mendeeces — Mendeeces’ son by Kim’s daughter Samantha Wallace — is having to stay in various places because Samantha can’t look after her properly.

But when Kim hears what’s been said about her daughter, she flips out and upturns a table on Yandy — leaving her startled after it nearly lands right on top of her as security guards rush in to help.

Yandy is trying to keep the peace with the two mothers of Mendeeces’ other children, Samantha and Erika DeShazo, but when she hears about Lil Mendeeces’ living arrangements from Judy she feels she has to bring it up with Kim.

Yandy, who has always said Lil Mendeeces can stay with her, tells the camera: “Learning from Judy that Samantha has Lil Mendeeces living here, and there, and outside of her care has me furious.

“But more than furious, I’m concerned. Lil Meneeces is and always will be welcome in my home. So I need to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.”

Yandy, who has two kids of her own with Mendeeces, then tells Kim: “My issue is always these children, their wellbeing and making sure that they stay together and that they’re loved. That’s all.”

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But Kim isn’t happy, and accuses Yandy of “disrespecting” her daughter.

Kim Wallace flips a table on to Yandy before storming out after their confrontation
Kim Wallace flips a table on to Yandy before storming out after their confrontation

Kim says in an interview with producers: “Yandy wants it to sound like she takes better care of my grandson than his own mother does, and that’s not true. So until we can start being honest the kids are going to suffer.”

However, Yandy tells Kim: “You were there when Mendeeces said, ‘all I want is for my children to be together’. We were sat at that table and agreed, and that’s my issue.

“The other thing is Judy came and spoke to me. She told me that Samantha’s not with her son. She told me that Lil Mendeeces is with you.”

When Kim hears this, she starts to flip out, calling Judy a “starter”. Yandy insists she’s not, but adds: “She said that you’ve been raising him and she feels like he’s not happy.”

Kim calls the accusation “bulls**t”, and tells the camera: “Whether Lil Mendeeces is with me, his grandmother, or Samantha, he’s well taken care of. Judy’s starting this bulls**t for no reason. I’m not with this s**t.”

Yandy tells her: “I don’t want people coming and telling me he’s sleeping in a house where there’s no space for him.”

And she says to the camera: “The fact that Kim is reacting the way she’s reacting, all irate, tells me that there might be some truth to what Judy told me.”

But the comment is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Kim, and she gets up and grabs the table the pair have been sitting at — before flipping it over and storming out, leaving security guards rushing in to check Yandy is ok.

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Love & Hip Hop airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH-1. 

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