Wreck of 1957 GMC big-window truck gets hot-rod makeover on Carspotting

Carlos and others stand around an old GMC big-window truck in a field on Carspotting
Carlos and the guys make a deal on the GMC on this week’s Carspotting

Discovery’s new auto show Carspotting this week sees the guys at Cascadia Customs buy a wreck of a ’57 GMC big-window truck — and turn it into a sick custom hot-rod.

Carlos Becerra and his team make a deal on the GMC and then manage to find a buyer who wants it turned into a low-riding hot rod.

He wants it done quickly, but the job turns out to be a mega big one thanks to bad repairs and a bent chassis. This means the costs mount up, so the guys need to try and recoup some of the costs.

How? By buying a ’64 Impala — with somewhat odd decorations — and selling it on as a quick flip.

Carspotting follows Carlos, his brother Pedro and their best friend Niko as they make huge sums revamping old and abandoned cars at their custom hot-rod shop.

This week’s episode is titled Diamond in the Rust and airs after Street Outlaws: New Orleans.

Carspotting airs Mondays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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