Winter chills as Josh Gates’ Destination Truth goes in search of the Siberian Snowman

Yeti footprint photo
Famous ‘Yeti’ footprint taken by Eric Shipton at Menlung Glacier in 1951 during his expedition with Hillary

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth, the team head to the frozen wastes of Siberia as they search for the Siberian Snowman.

Stories of the Yeti and Abominable Snowman are common in many mountainous regions of Europe and Asia, particularly in Bhutan, China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan and Russia.

The Siberian Snowman as, described by the locals, sounds very similar to these other tales. Stories tell of  a large humanoid creature at least seven-foot with a protruding brow and shaggy fur. The creature is said to roam the wild areas of the Altai Mountains and is called Chuchunaa by the locals.

Altai Mountains map
The Altai Mountains straddle the border between Mongolia and Russia – it is here the Siberian Snowman is said to roam

Will Josh and the team be able to find any evidence of the shy snow loving creature or will it remain mysterious?

Does it exist at all or are people more likely reporting bear sightings, as some scientific evidence has hinted at.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth airs on Fridays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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