Will His Dark Materials get a second season: Did HBO renew the Phillip Pullman adaptation?

Will His Dark Materials get a second season: Did HBO renew the Phillip Pullman adaptation?
Lyra on His Dark Materials will return for season 2. Pic credit: HBO

His Dark Materials aired its final episode of the first season tonight on HBO and fans are wondering if they will get more of the Phillip Pullman series after the explosive finale.

The answer is yes.

Not only that, but fans had nothing to worry about, as HBO ordered the second season of His Dark Materials before the first even started airing.

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Lin Manuel Miranda, who plays Lee Scoresby, said that not only is a second season coming, but it already wrapped filming.

His Dark Materials, Season 2

HBO has a good deal going on with His Dark Materials, as it is a co-production with BBC and the show received solid ratings on BBC on Sunday nights before airing on Mondays in the United States.

His Dark Materials is the adaptation of the Phillip Pullman books about a young girl named Lyra — living in a world that is part of two parallel universes.

Along the way, she meets allies and enemies, including witches, aeronauts like Lee Scoresby, Armored Bears (especially one great one named Iorek Byrnison), and Gyptians, all while trying to stay alive and free while Gobblers snatch up kids with dark intentions.

The series was originally adapted into a film with Nicole Kidman in 2007 — but the movie disappointed fans of the novels.

The HBO series has a great cast and they delivered a fun first season. Dafne Keen, who played Wolverine’s clone daughter in Logan, stars as Lyra Belacqua.

Joining her in the cast are James McAvoy as Lord Asriel and Ruth Wilson as Mrs. Coulter.

Much like Season 1, the second season of His Dark Materials will feature eight episodes. Since there is no word on whether there will be a third season, it is unclear how far into the book series the second season goes.

The first season ended with tragedy, as Lord Asriel admitted he was Lyra’s father, but then proved to be a villain, as he murdered her best friend Roger so he could move between the parallel worlds.

The season also ended with Lyra and Will crossing over into the Cittàgazze, setting up Season 2 perfectly.

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