Who’s stalking whom on Finding Bigfoot?

Finding Bigfoot
The Finding Bigfoot team have been out at night before, but this time is different

This week on Finding Bigfoot, the team head to Wisconsin where the locals prove helpful to the investigation.

Most Bigfoot investigations rely on local knowledge for information on sightings or even likely spots. Locals usually know the terrain well enough and they also know all the stories. Sometimes these tales are very tall indeed but others seem to have the ring of truth to them.

In Wisconsin the local info leads them to a night search of the area that turns a little bit worrying. As they seek out the elusive Sasquatch the hunters become the hunted and feel they are the ones being stalked!

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If you missed this reports on a local news channel in North Dakota then it is worth a look. A local claimed to have tracked a Bigfoot for miles and took some photos of what he says are Sasquatch footprints.

On a lighter note someone shared this Photoshopped image of President Trump giving a shout out to Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Trump
Even the president has an opinion on Bigfoot ;-) 

Watch Finding Bigfoot – Brews, Brats and Bigfoots at 9:00 PM on Animal Planet.

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