Whoopi Goldberg asks The View co-hosts if we still hate Tom Sandoval

Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Sandoval
Whoopi wants to know if we’re done hating Tom Sandoval yet. Pic credit: ©

In an abrupt change of subject from politics today on The View, beloved host Whoopi Goldberg was compelled to poll the co-hosts about reality star Tom Sandoval.

Tom came to Whoopi Goldberg’s attention today because of a cameo The View has in his new podcast, Everybody Loves Tom.

Whoopi has been a host of The View since 2007, so of course, she was interested and felt that she should gather comments from her colleagues.

This new podcast, Everybody Loves Tom, features the newly single Tom Sandoval. The Vanderpump Rules star was recently highlighted speaking about his new singleness after a split from Ariana Madix following nine years together. The breakup was so horrible it was coined Scandoval.

The cameo of Tom Sandoval’s podcast also includes video footage of his now-ex-girlfriend.

Earlier this year, their nine year long relationship came to an abrupt halt because Tom was caught red-handed cheating on Ariana with their co-star and friend, Raquel Leviss.

In the time since, Raquel has also turned her back on Tom and left Vanderpump Rules after seeking mental health treatment following the Scandoval fallout.

The View cast share their opinions on Tom Sandoval after being polled by Whoopi Goldberg

All of the hosts sitting in the chairs today, including Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin, have strong opinions about Tom Sandoval and whether or not he is a good person. For example, Alyssa Farah also called Tom Sandoval “cringy.”

During this flurry of comments about Tom Sandoval and how much people love to trash talk him, especially in light of the new Everybody Hates Tom podcast he has launched, Whoopi Goldberg addressed her fellow hosts and the audience.

“What happened in this?” Whoopi Goldberg blurted out looking around. “Do we hate him or we don’t?’

Overwhelmingly, the consensus is they do not like him. In checking out Tom Sandoval’s Instagram, his followers share strong sentiments. Cheating scandals are notoriously hard to overcome and only time will tell if people start to see Tom in a new light.

Ariana Madix dazzles on Dancing with the Stars

Ariana Madix recently joined Dancing With the Stars. Doing well on DWTS will help take her mind off of her ex and also help to further her reality television career.

And if her premiere night performance is any indication, Ariana is going to do great this season.

She started Season 32 out with a throwback to her red revenge dress that she wore to the Vanderpump Rules reunion and her tango was so good that it got her the second highest judges’ score of the night, right behind The Bachelorette’s Charity Lawson.

We still haven’t forgotten Ariana’s appearance on Love Island USA this year either.

Tom Sandoval is not as well liked as his former love Ariana Madix. In this cameo, the former White House Director of Strategic Communications turned The View host, Alyssa Farah called Tom “the “Donald Trump of ex-boyfriends.”

It will certainly take a lot to overcome these sentiments from people.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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