Who wins HOH on Big Brother tonight determined on live feeds

Cliff And Nicole BB21
Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony celebrate in Big Brother 21 hours. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The houseguest who wins HOH on Big Brother tonight will do so on the CBS live feeds. The network is advertising that subscribers will get to see it as it takes place following the September 12 episode.

It’s a really important night for the BB21 cast. As seen during the September 11 episode, Holly Allen and Tommy Bracco are on the block. That happened after Nicole Anthony won the POV and saved Cliff Hogg from the block.

During a week where Jackson Michie is the Head of Household, it is now possible that Holly is the one who gets evicted. The only two houseguests who get to vote are Nicole and Cliff, so it’s going to get interesting.

The episode is going to take the cast down to its final four, with host Julie Chen Moonves helping usher one more person to the jury house. Then, it’s back to the game, with the power up for grabs again.

Who wins HOH on Big Brother tonight?

Live feed subscribers who want to watch as it takes place can turn on the CBS live feeds following the conclusion of the Thursday night episode. Three houseguests will be playing for a chance to control the game.

Jackson has to sit out this one as the outgoing HOH, leaving just Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy or Holly playing in the challenge. It hasn’t been clarified whether it is an Endurance Challenge, but that might just be the case.

Can Nicole and Cliff find a way to keep control over the game? Or is this where their power comes to an end because they evicted the wrong person earlier in the night? The drama is going to be really thick on the night of September 12 and we can all secure a front-row seat to find out what happens next on the feeds.

For readers who want to keep up with it, we are doing a live report of the event.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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