So You Think You Can Dance winner: Genessy, Slavik, Jensen and Hannahlei battle it out

So You Think You Can Dance Finalists 2018
So You Think You Can Dance is coming to an end, but who will win it all? Pic credit: FOX

The So You Think You Can Dance finale airs tonight on FOX and the four finalists are ready to take the stage to battle it out one more time.

The four SYTYCD finalists — Slavik, Hannahlei, Jensen, and, Genessy —  are all well-deserving of the title and the judges will have quite the task at figuring out the winner.

The finalist will be chosen with the aid of viewers, who have been casting their votes for the past week in the hopes of helping their favorite dancers get to the top.

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The final four have had the judges a whole host of emotions thanks to their performances, skills, and talent. but the judges aren’t the only ones who are split when it comes to their favorite dancers.

So You Think You Can Dance viewers all have their own opinions — and have been sharing their support on Twitter in hopes that their favorite dancers win the title. Genessy has plenty of supporters because of her strong attitude, and sweet personality.

Jensen Arnold has been a fan-favorite for a while, and she has both the talent and the support to win. But her competition is stiff, so being a fan-favorite won’t be enough to carry her through to the top.

Hannahlei also has her share of passionate supporters, who are hoping she will come through and grab the title in the end.

Meanwhile, Slavik, the sole male finalist this season, has plenty of people cheering for him, as he has shown he can take criticism and advice to improve his dancing.

On this season of So You Think You Can Dance, there hasn’t been a clear frontrunner who was won everything week to week. There are four amazing talents left and it’s anyone’s game at this point. The winner will be chosen from the final dances and the viewer votes, which will be revealed tonight.

The season finale of So You Think You Can Dance airs tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

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