Who went home on Survivor last night?

A shocking Tribal Council took place on the latest Survivor episode
A shocking Tribal Council took place on the latest Survivor episode. Pic credit: CBS

It was an exciting episode for the Survivor: David vs Goliath cast. Even the viewers couldn’t have guessed exactly how the Tribal Council would turn out in this shocker from Season 37.

There was a lot of maneuvering during episode 8, with the former Goliath tribe wanting Christian out. Meanwhile, the former David tribe members were trying to target Angelina.

It wasn’t Christian or Angelina who went home on Survivor tonight.

What happened at the Tribal Council?

Many viewers were left shocked about the events that took place at Tribal Council. The image that CBS posted to the Survivor Twitter account says it all.

John from Survivor was voted out. So how did the castaways get to that point?

Davie used his immunity idol to save Christian. Then, Dan used one of his immunity idols to save Angelina. This discounted any votes that had been made for Christian and Angelina.

When host Jeff Probst read out the votes, there were only two votes that didn’t go for Christian or Angelina. It was the votes that Davie and Christian made that were for John.

Who went home on Survivor tonight?

John leaving Survivor was a very shocking ending to a remarkable episode. When the producers are able to present an episode without hiding information that still leaves viewers in shock, it is a winning presentation. That is exactly what happened this time.

In his post-elimination interview, John noted that he predicted one of the Brochachos were going home. What he didn’t get right was which one. Now, with John out of the game, there are six former Goliath members and five former David members left.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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