Who got voted off Survivor last night? 2019 Season 38 Episode 4 recap

Survivor Season 38 new tribes.
The three new tribes on Survivor Season 38. Pic credit: CBS

A fourth castaway was voted off Survivor last night. This was the fourth episode of the 2019 season, with a big tribe shake-up that led to a very exciting installment on CBS.

Our Survivor recap for March 13 begins with someone new heading to the Edge of Extinction. Survivor Season 38 has a secret island where castaways who get voted off the show work toward rejoining the game.

Chris joined Reem and Keith on the deserted island. He acted quite frustrated about getting voted out of the game, but he was also one of the reasons that Reem and Keith were already out. They didn’t have a lot of sympathy for him.

Back at camp for the Manu Tribe, Wendy allowed the flint she had taken to be found. She also hinted to David that she wasn’t done pulling pranks like that one on the rest of the castaways.

Survivor recap: Season 38 Episode 4

After some humorous moments, the episode got to the two tribes meeting with host Jeff Probst. He had some news for the 15 remaining castaways. It was time to shake things up. Buffs were dropped and it was time to move from two tribes to three tribes.

Five people became the Lesu Tribe and they were Wardog, Kelley, Lauren, Rick, and David. The five people on the Manu Tribe became Wendy, Aubry, Eric, Gavin, and Victoria. Finally, there were five castaways on the Kama Tribe and they were Joe, Julie, Julia, Aurora, and Ron.

After showing around the four new members of Manu, Wendy became worried about her chickens when the four new tribemates started hungrily looking at them. She decided it was time to act. Under the darkness of night, Wendy let the chickens go free.

Immunity Challenge

It was the newly-formed Lesu Tribe that ended up losing the Immunity Challenge. The other two tribes won Immunity Idols, meaning they would be safe from the vote.

Tribal Council: Who went home on Survivor last night?

It was time for someone to join Reem, Keith, and Chris on the outside of the game. The fourth person who got voted off Survivor was Rick Dennis. At the end of the episode, Rick decided to join the three other castaways who got voted off by going to the secret island.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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