Who went home on MasterChef? Top 18 compete at Shaun O’Neale’s wedding

MasterChef Winner Shaun O’Neale and His wife during Episode 8
MasterChef winner Shaun O’Neale and his wife during Episode 8

Want to know who went home on the last episode of MasterChef? In episode 8, the competition was tough at Shaun O’Neale’wedding for which the top 18 were asked to cook. Could the home cooks make the wedding party and their guests pleased with the meal?

Chef Gordon Ramsay told the 18 home cooks that they would be preparing an appetizer and entree. Proteins were decided by the wedding couple. They went with a scallops appetizer and duck breast as the main entree.

“Don’t mess this up. I expect perfection,” stated MasterChef winner Shaun O’Neale, as the cooks began preparing food for him and his soon-to-be bride.

Deciding the teams

Two home cooks were picked to lead the teams this week. Junie was picked to lead the Red Team, and Julia was picked to lead the Blue Team.

Their differing personalities definitely helped predict that this would be an interesting episode. After teams were picked, the judges had the team captains switch sides, shaking things up again.

The Blue Team, led by Juni Cuevas, had Lindsay, SJ, Taylor, Ashley, Ralph, Shanika, Bowen, and Matt.

The Red Team, led by Julia Danno, had Cesar, Mark, Gerron, Farhan, Samantha, Chelsea, Emily, and Ryan.

Time to get cooking

Both outdoor kitchens had a lot of problems with preparation, leading to a lot of anger from Gordon Ramsey. Juni’s kitchen, which was the Blue Team, failed to have food ready to go when the guests sat down. They had to re-work their menu. The Red Team was able to quickly get dishes out.

For the appetizers, the Red Team served seared scallops with lentils and snap pea salad, while the Blue Team served seared scallops with pickled carrots and blood orange gastrique. For the entrees, the Blue Team served seared duck with fondant potatoes and charred romanesco, while the Red Team served seared duck with tri-color potatoes and mushrooms. Both were served with a red wine reduction sauce.

Midway through the service, Juni Cuevas lost complete control of his kitchen, as they were putting out terrible food and making constant mistakes. Juni kept changing the side of potatoes, and the end result did not please Gordon Ramsey.

Ramsey demanded that Juni step aside and the Blue Team appoint a new head chef. Taylor Waltmon took over the team. Taylor also had problems.

The ending of the episode was pretty easy to predict, as the Red Team won the challenge and Blue Team lost it miserably. This meant that someone was going to go home from the Blue Team before the end of the night.

Pressure Test?

There was no Pressure Test, as the three judges decided that Juni Cuevas and Ashley Mincey were clearly the weak links during this service. Juni Cuevas was the home cook sent home to close out MasterChef Episode 8. The top 17 contestants now move on to the next episode, which will take place July 18 on Fox.

MasterChef airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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