Who was voted off Survivor tonight? Everyone falls for Nick’s trick except Davie

Davie from the Survivor Season 37 cast.
Davie from the Survivor Season 37 cast. Pic credit: CBS

One more castaway was voted off during the latest episode of Survivor. In addition, even more drama took place during Survivor 37 Episode 13, as the final seven castaways tried to avoid getting sent to the jury.

Last week it was Gabby who got voted out after she tried to create a scenario to get rid of Christian. He had a Hidden Immunity Idol that he used to survive, and two former Goliath tribe members sent Gabby to Ponderosa.

At the beginning of this episode, only Christian, Angelina, Nick, Mike, Davie, Alison, and Kara were still in the running for the $1 million prize. By the end of the night, one more of them would get voted off the show.

A fake Immunity Idol

Nick, in an effort to keep people from looking for the Immunity Idol that Christian had used, constructed a fake one. He “found” it while in front of people, hoping this would convince everyone not to look. It convinced everyone but Davie, who started looking for it, unsuccessfully.

Reward Challenge time

The final seven castaways had to work their way through an obstacle course while tethered to a rope. The winner of the challenge would win the reward. It came down to Davie and Nick, with Davie winning the Reward Challenge.

Davie got to pick someone to join him. He invited Nick, as Nick had invited him to the family reward. Given the chance to select a second person, he went with Kara. They all got to enjoy a helicopter ride, food, and cold beverages.

Davie finds Hidden Immunity Idol

Upon looking for the advantage again, Davie found the Hidden Immunity Idol and was given the possibility to gain an advantage.

He was given a chance to guess between two urns, with one extending the life of his Immunity Idol and the second taking away his vote at the next Tribal Council. He passed, feeling he needed to keep his vote in order to get Nick out.

Individual Immunity Challenge

The challenge was a familiar one, with the castaways holding a disc with a ball on it while standing on a perch. The goal was simple: Keep that ball on the disc. The last person standing would win the Individual Immunity Idol.

Kara and Angelina were the first two out. Davie, Christian, and Nick were the next three out (in that order).

That left Mike and Alison competing for Individual Immunity. Mike ended up winning, marking his first individual win and making him safe at Tribal Council.

Who was voted off Survivor tonight?

There was a lot of drama in the build-up to the latest Tribal Council. There were scenarios where it looked like Alison, Christian, Nick, and/or Davie could be receiving votes.

The producers did a good job of constructing the episode to make it difficult for viewers to guess what was going to take place.

Davie played his Individual Immunity to gain safety. Then, Nick played his fake one to get a read on people.

That made him decide to play his real one to gain safety. When host Jeff Probst counted the votes, he revealed it was Christian who was voted off Survivor tonight.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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