Who was voted off Survivor last night on Edge of Extinction?

Jeff Probst hosting Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Jeff Probst hosting Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Pic credit: CBS

The castaway who was voted off Survivor last night was shocking to CBS viewers. Edge of Extinction has been an exciting endeavor so far, and it was ramped up during the March 27 episode.

Season 36, episode 7 began with a challenge hosted by Jeff Probst. But it wasn’t a typical challenge. First, Jeff told everyone that it was time to merge the tribes. The remaining 12 people formed a new tribe. Then, it was time for a surprise.

Jeff welcomed back the six previously voted out castaways, much to the shock of the final 12. He then announced that the six would play in a challenge for a chance to re-join the game. Who would win a second chance at the game?


Edge of Extinction Challenge

Aubry Bracco, Rick Devens, Chris Underwood, Keith Sowell, Wendy Diaz, and Reem Daly all participated in the new challenge. It was Rick who won it, allowing him to join the final 12 (making them a final 13).

Rick also won half of an Immunity Idol. The rules were that he had to assign the other half to another castaway. If they both survived the next vote, it would become a full Immunity Idol.

As for the five people who lost, they were given a chance to return to Extinction Island.

Return to Edge of Extinction

Shortly after arriving back at the beach, Wendy and Keith quit. They decided that they had been through enough in the game and raised the mast in order to be rescued. Only Chris, Reem, and Aubry remained on Extinction Island.

Individual Immunity Challenge

The first Individual Immunity Challenge of the season involved balancing on a beam while holding a statue. The last person left standing would win safety from the upcoming Tribal Council.

Julie Rosenberg, Joe Anglim, and Lauren O’Connell were the final three people left standing. Joe and Lauren fell, making Julie the first winner of Individual Immunity this season.

Who got voted off Survivor last night?

At a shocking Tribal Council, Joe Anglim had no Individual Immunity or Hidden Immunity Idol to save himself. That was critical, as he became the castaway who got voted off Survivor last night.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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