Who was evicted on Big Brother tonight? BB21 jury gets new member

Cliff And Jessica Nominated
Cliff Hogg and Jessica Milagros were nominated for eviction on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The answer to who was evicted on Big Brother tonight will actually be in two parts. It’s Double Eviction night, so two people are going to be sent to the BB21 jury by the end of the night.

During the last episode, it was revealed that Tommy Bracco won the Power of Veto. He saved Christie Murphy from the block. This forced the Head of Household, Jackson Michie, to come up with a replacement.

Jackson had already spoken to Cliff Hogg, who had volunteered to go up on the block as a pawn. Jackson went with that plan, putting Cliff up as his replacement nominee.

At the start of the September 5 episode of the show, Cliff Hogg and Jessica Milagros were on the block. Due to it being a Double Eviction night, someone had to be sent out the front door to open the episode.

Who was evicted on Big Brother tonight?

The first Eviction Ceremony just took place, with four houseguests weighing in on who should be sent packing. It was Jessica Milagros who was evicted tonight (first), so she will be heading to the BB21 jury house after her extended interview with host Julie Chen Moonves.

At this point, Jessica has finished in seventh place for the season. She joins Nick Maccarone, Jack Matthews, Analyse Talavera, and Kathryn Dunn in the jury house. They will get someone else by the end of the Double Eviction episode on CBS. But who will it be?

Jessica Milagros had a difficult time in the house this season and she never really seemed to have a grasp on what was going on in the game. She was typically outside of alliances, leading to houseguests like Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews making fun of her. Part of her is probably glad to be done with the game.

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