Who was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars? Find out who was voted off

Bobby Bones
Bobby Bones broke all the rules on Dancing With The Stars, but was he sent home? Pic credit: Dancing With The Stars/ABC

Dancing With The Stars has wrapped up the second week of competition — one of the toughest second weeks of the show. Usually, the contestants only have one dance during the second week, but this season the judges decided to add more challenges.

Sadly, it was Danelle and Artem who were sent home after a quickstep that fell flat for viewers and judges.

Of course, Danelle had her struggles on the dancefloor as she’s the first blind contestant on the show. During tonight’s episode, viewers learned how Danelle was able to learn the dance routines as she can’t see anything that her partner, Artem, is trying to teach her.

In the bottom with Danelle and Artem were John and Emma. But these weren’t the couples that people had suspected.

In fact, it seemed that Grocery Store Joe from The Bachelorette was getting the lowest scores, so many had suspected him to be sent home this week, as well as last week. Perhaps the massive Bachelor nation fanbase is keeping him alive in the competition.

Bobby Bones was also someone who could have faced elimination. During last night’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, he ended his routine by doing the viral move called Flossing, a move that he wasn’t approved with the producers or his dance partner.

On tonight’s episode, the host Tom referred to the move as an “unauthorized move,” possibly because everything that goes on live television has to be pre-approved. The move didn’t sit well with Sharna, even though she kept her cool after the performance.

Right now, I’m mad at him,” Sharna Burgess told ET after Monday’s performance, revealing that Bobby’s final stunt wasn’t planned.

“That’s true! It’s absolutely true. This is no set-up. She is ticked at me, and she deserves to be,” Bones revealed, adding that she had every right to be upset with him for doing the viral dance craze known as flossing at the end of their routine Monday night.

It sounds like viewers actually liked Bobby’s move on Dancing With The Stars, ensuring that he is moving on to week three of the competition.

Dancing With The Stars airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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