Who voted for John on Survivor? What happened during that Tribal Council?

John on Survivor. He was blindsided at a shocking Tribal Council
John on Survivor was blindsided at a shocking Tribal Council. Pic credit: CBS

A shocking Tribal Council sent an unsuspecting castaway home on Survivor last night. So who voted for John, and what happened during that fateful night for him?

Heading into the Season 37 Episode 8 Tribal Council, there were two possible targets. The former Goliath tribe was working to get Christian out, while the former David tribe was trying to get Angelina voted out.

Behind the scenes of it all, two castaways had concocted a plan that might allow them to make sure that John was the person who ended up getting sent home.

During the Tribal Council, Davie used his immunity idol to save Christian. Then, Dan used one of his two immunity idols to save Angelina. This discounted all of the votes against them. With two votes, John was sent home.

Who voted for John on Survivor?

During the episode, producers made it seem like John received only one vote and was sent out. But during the closing credits, it was revealed that two people had voted for him.

Christian and Davie had both placed votes for John, using this strategy as a way to make sure that two former Goliath members were at risk of getting voted out.

This is going to go down as one of the most memorable moments in Survivor history. Not only were the two targets deemed safe, with Angelina getting saved again, but a completely unsuspecting castaway was sent packing.

A lot of viewers had felt John might be able to win this season. Instead, he isn’t even in the running.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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