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Who shot [spoiler] on The Ranch? Part 7 ending explained

Sam Elliot from The Ranch Part 7.
Sam Elliot from The Ranch Part 7. Pic credit: Netflix

As discussed yesterday, the finale to The Ranch left a lot of Netflix viewers scratching their heads. As Part 7 came to a close, the finale delivered a huge turning point for everyone. And depending on how the event turned out, it could bring major repercussions for The Ranch crew.

What we know for sure is that Part 8 of The Ranch is coming and answers will be given in due time. Until then, let’s overspeculate about this troubling ending and consider who is responsible.

As always, Spoilers will follow.

The Ranch part 7 ending explained

Toward the halfway point of the finale, Mary encounters Abby and begs Abby to help her buy prescription medicine. Abby refuses, having heard about her drug problems. Soon after, Nick appears and Abby is caught off guard by his presence. He tells Abby to give Colt his condolences for Rooster’s passing and then forcibly demands Mary to leave with him to find another drug store. And Mary seems extremely uncomfortable.

When Colt, Luke, and Beau return home, they see Abby is already there to give them the unfortunate news about Nick’s return. Beau is already angry and goes for his gun, and even though they stress to him they should call the police, he has made up his mind that calling the cops does not work with Nick. Especially since they tried it before.

Beau storms out the door with his gun and moments later, Luke and Colt follow behind, separately, to back him up — but it’s unclear if they caught up to Beau in time.

In the last moments of the Part 7 finale, we see Nick arrive home to his trailer, but the camera stays on the outside as he enters. We hear Nick confronting an unknown person saying, “The f*** you doing here?” and then a flash of a gunshot is seen and heard from the inside. And it’s assumed that Nick has died.

Who shot Nick on The Ranch?

So, who shot Nick on The Ranch Part 7 finale? While there are three possible suspects — Beau, Colt, and Luke — just from the finale alone, it seems like Beau is the one who put the bullet in Nick. Mainly because he blames him for the death of Rooster and has threatened him in the past.

But it’s also quite possible that this is misdirection to make us think Beau killed him. Nick was not exactly a pillar of the community, so it’s possible someone else decided to put an end to it. On top of that, Beau does not seem like a killer.

The most likely culprit could be Mary. She was scared of him and he was not in any way shape or form a pleasant person to her. Mary probably had enough and decided to free herself from the shackles of Nick’s issues.

We’ll see the outcome in the coming months when The Ranch returns with Part 8.

The Ranch Part 7 is now streaming on Netflix.

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