Who plays Mitch on Mom cast? Guest star Bradley Whitford returns as Adam’s best friend

Bradley Whitford as Mitch raising a glass on Mom.
Bradley Whitford as Mitch on Mom cast. Pic credit: CBS

Actor Bradley Whitford is back as a guest star on the Mom. He plays the character of Mitch, who was Adam’s best friend earlier in the show’s run.

The character of Mitch has had a lot of funny moments on the show, but also some rough moments due to his drinking problems. That included one episode where he put the “moves” on Christy (played by Anna Faris) and Bonnie (Allison Janney). Adam is played by William Fichtner.

According to CBS, Mitch returns to the Mom cast in the new episode, insisting that he is a changed man. Of course, Christy and Bonnie are very suspicious of Adam’s best friend, which is bound to lead to some more comedic situations between them all.

Who plays Mitch on Mom cast?

Bradley Whitford has been acting for years. His career includes many appearances on the small screen and in films. He does have a few roles that really stand out, though, but are remembered for different reasons.

The most iconic role that Whitford has had came as Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman on The West Wing. He was really able to stretch his legs with his acting on that show, appearing for the entire run of the series.

In the movies, Whitford is mainly known for two roles. He played a main character in the 2017 film Get Out. He also appeared as a villain, of sorts, in the 1995 comedy Billy Madison. Whitford was opposite Adam Sandler, as they fought to take over a business.

It was a great decision by the writers to bring back Bradley Whitford as Mitch on the Mom cast. He has already been extremely funny in the role and he plays it so well. Giving him another shot at it is certainly going to bring more laughs.

Additionaly, seeing Whitford and Allison Janney reunite (again) after their time on The West Wing is priceless.

Mom airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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