Who plays Kelly Severide’s mom on Chicago Fire?

Kim Delaney as Jennifer Sheridan (Kelly Severide's mom) on Chicago Fire
Kim Delaney as Jennifer Sheridan (Kelly Severide’s mom) on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Fire cast has included Kelly Severide’s mom again this season. The character of Jennifer Sheridan joined the show during Season 6 but has reappeared during some very important Season 7 scenes.

Kelly Severide’s mom is played by Kim Delaney, who is a veteran television actress. She returned to the show due to the death of his father Benny.

As for the next episode of Chicago Fire, it’s one that viewers are not going to want to miss. Severide is going to face death (again) when Firehouse 51 has to battle a structure fire. Can he survive another life-threatening episode?

Actor Taylor Kinney has not had an easy time on the show, and Season 7 has been no exception. Does any character on television go through more life-threatening situations than he does?

Who is Kim Delaney on Chicago Fire?

Actress Kim Delaney is best known for her role of Detective Diane Russell on NYPD Blue. Before that, she spent time on the cast of All My Children and then L.A. Law.

In addition to 137 episodes on NYPD Blue, Delaney also appeared on 10 episodes of CSI: Miami back in 2002. After that, she joined the television show Army Wives for a number of years.

Delaney does well in the role of Jennifer Sheridan as a member of the Chicago Fire cast. It was a good choice to use a celebrity and well-known actress as Kelly Severide’s mom, making her instantly recognizable in each scene.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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