Who plays Coco’s daughter on Mayans M.C.? Emily Tosta is Leticia, the dead-eyed doll

Coco has his hands full with his daughter Leticia Pic credit: FX
Coco has his hands full with his daughter Leticia Pic credit: FX

The resident “Lolita” on Mayans M.C. is Johnny “El Coco” Cruz’s (Richard Cabral) wisecracking little prostitute/murderer daughter named Leticia, played by actress Emily Tosta.

Coco is a former Army sharpshooter and weapons specialist who is a full patch member, and his female relatives are all in the skin trade it seems. A big part of the first season is showing the troubled family dynamic that Coco is trying to sort, between his mother and his daughter who was told she was his sister by grandma, only to find out that it was a lie.

Coco is now trying to undo the damage caused by this false family narrative.

Who is Leticia?

But the twist for Coco, unlike any of the others in Mayans, is that Leticia (Emily Tosta) was thought to be his sister, but the twist is that Coco saw her on a porn site and …wait for it… Coco’s prostitute mother says she needs Coco to step in as Leticia’s father, which he is.

Tosta’s Leticia plays this touchy role with laconic glee as she dead-eyes her way around tricks and truckers, easily dispatching men with a screwdriver and filing her nails as they drag the lake.

She’s that tough and nonplussed about all of that, much to EZ Reyes shock when he tries to help her, nearly getting whacked and arrested in the process.

The guys in the Mayans are shocked by Leticia's worldliness and her young age. Pic credit: FX
The guys in the Mayans are shocked by Leticia’s worldliness and her young age. Pic credit: FX

With the apple falling not far from the tree, Leticia is full of “my bads” and has that Coco genetic drift that allows her to waste people in her way, much like a sharpshooter would – unemotionally and with deadly efficiency.

JD Pardo’s EZ is working her interest a bit, but he is personally horrified at her worldliness and lack of moral boundaries, while she admires his physique and has visible wheels turning in her head.

So much so that her dad, Coco says, “don’t even think about it,” as she ogles EZ.

We are talking about a girl who is supposed to be 15 years old or younger here.

Fans are noticing her “huevos” and comparing “Leti” to a Sons of Anarchy favorite, Gemma!

In real life, Tosta is far from Leticia!

Who is Emily Tosta?

Tosta, age 20, hails from the Dominican Republic and has a Venezuelan mother and a Dominican father.

She began her entertainment career at age six, singing, acting and dancing. A pretty child, Emily was hired as a model for a print campaign she did for the magazine A La Moda in the Dominican Republic.

By age eight, she was acting. She began her acting career at the age of eight, with a lead role in the well-known musical ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin.’ Her notices were so good she landed in New York and was cast in Annie: The Musical, The Miracle of Fatima, Alice in Wonderland, Like in Broadway, and A Christmas Adventure in Broadway, among many theatrical performances.

Modeling gigs continued as well, and also bookings for national commercials.

TV roles began to pile up too, as Emily was booked in Noche de Luz, Navidad Espectacular, and Sabado Chiquito de Corporan. Her popularity spurred her move to Miami at 12 years old.

Emily booked roles for Telemundo and Univision. Her singing was given notice too, singing the National Anthem in prominent political events in Miami.

The Tosta family saw her star was rising and moved to LA where Emily got an agent and started working on several big series like The Last Ship, Rosewood, NCIS: Los Angeles, and films too.

What does Emily do other than acting?

Describing herself as an “actress and activist” on her twitter handle, Emily has a big heart and volunteers for Music For Your Heart Foundation, PETA, St. Judes Hospital, Make A Wish Los Angeles, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, Operation Smiles, Feeding America, Thirst Project, and many more charities.

Don’t be surprised if she creates her own non-profit charity to help all of her favorite causes.

Physical fitness is huge for Emily, she has said in her bio that exercise via “TRX classes, Ballet, Modern Dance and Yoga” are what she loves.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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