Who plays Charlie on Supernatural? Actress Felicia Day returns

Who plays Charlie on Supernatural? Actress Felicia Day returns
Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury on Supernatural. Pic credit: Diyah Pera/The CW 

Rejoice Supernatural fans, Charlie is back! For those new to the show that might be wondering who plays Charlie on Supernatural, well it is none other than geek-favorite Felicia Day.

Of course, Charlie died in season 10 after becoming a fan favorite for four seasons, something that caused a huge swell of anger from fans.

Supernatural fans even booed showrunner Jeremy Carver at San Diego Comic-Con that year.

In season 13, fans got a treat when Felicia Day returned, albeit as an alternate reality version of Charlie.

Now, tonight on Supernatural, Charlie is back again.

Who is Charlie?

Charlie Bradbury showed up first in season 7 of Supernatural. She worked for Richard Roman Enterprises (remember the Leviathans!). She ended up turning on Dick Ronan and seeing a Leviathan eat her boss and helps Sam and Dean Winchester.

She was basically a former hacker turned hunter — and she was awesome.

That made it devastating when Charlie died in season 10. Her death came at the hands of Eldon Frankenstein, but she died a hero. She helped decipher what she needed from the Book of the Damned so that she could help free Dean from the Mark of Cain.

Why is Charlie back on Supernatural?

In season 13, Charlie was back but it was a different version of her. Instead of the one that Supernatural fans had grown to love, it was a similar version from an alternate dimension called Apocalypse World.

The good news for fans of Charlie is that she had to move to our world when she was evacuated from that world.

The Charlie on Supernatural tonight is that alternate version — but it is still the loveable Felicia Day.


Who plays Charlie on Supernatural?

Felicia Day was an instant fan favorite of the geek crowd when she broke onto the scene as a guest actor on shows like Undeclared and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She then rocketed to superstardom when she became an early Internet sensation thanks to her web series The Guild, which was based in the world of MMORPG gaming culture.

Shen went on to help launch the Geek & Sundry YouTube premium channel with Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Supernatural airs at 8/7c on The CW.

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