Who plays ADA Martin Richardson on Blue Bloods cast? Justin Walker White gets a chance to shine

Justin Walker White portrays ADA Richardson on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS
Justin Walker White protrays ADA

The Blue Bloods cast will include character ADA Martin Richardson on an all-new episode of the show. This is the fall finale of the show and actor Justin Walker White is going to have an important guest-starring role.

Erin Reagan (played by Bridget Moynahan) will give a high-profile case to a young ADA under her tutelage. That ADA is Martin Richardson, who has already been a part of Blue Bloods for several episodes.

In other subplots to Season 9 Episode 10, Frank (Tom Selleck) searches for the search of a leak in his office and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) will retaliate against someone who is pranking Jamie (Will Estes).

The Blue Bloods fall finale is a busy episode, as Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez (Marissa Ramirez) will also be investigating the murder of a tabloid writer.

Who is Justin Walker White?

Actor Justin Walker White joined the Blue Bloods cast for Season 9. He has appeared in a handful of episodes now and his character has been working for Erin Reagan. His supporting role could get increased if the character is successful on the new case he is trusted with.

This is the biggest role that Justin Walker White has had in the acting business. He has appeared on a number of shows, including The Blacklist, Madam Secretary, and Broad City, but joining the Blue Bloods cast could certainly be considered his big break in the industry. Especially if the role continues in Season 9.

The new episode is called Authority Figures and it will serve as the Blue Bloods fall finale. It’s an important episode for the cast and it will send the show on its holiday hiatus. Fans should make sure to tune in, especially with all the important subplots taking place.

Blue Bloods airs Friday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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