Who killed Sam on How to Get Away with Murder?

Tom Verica as Sam Keating on How to Get Away with Murder
Sam is dead on How to Get away With Murder, but who killed him? Pic credit: ABC

How to Get Away with Murder has been revisiting an old case. With the arrival of Gabriel (Rome Flynn) and his true identity being revealed, there are so many questions about things that happened years ago.

Gabriel is Sam’s (Tom Verica) son. He walked away from Vivian Maddox to pursue a relationship with Annalise (Viola Davis), leaving his son behind. At one point, he did try to reconcile his relationship with Gabriel, but it didn’t pan out the way he had hoped.

Who killed Sam?

There are a lot of questions about who killed Sam and why.

Through various flashbacks and some of the storytelling, it was revealed that Sam wasn’t a nice guy all of the time. How to Get Away with Murder viewers learned that he was complicated and often devious, especially where Annalise was concerned.

When the show first began airing, Annalise had a special connection with Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch).

Viewers had no idea why that was until it was revealed that his past was a hard one. Things weren’t easy for Wes growing up and ending up in law school was a big achievement.

One night, Sam was clocked on the head by Wes Gibbins and that was that. The “who killed Sam” mystery went on for several episodes.

It was confirmed by ABC that Wes was indeed the student who put an end to Annalise’s nightmare.

Why is Sam being brought up again?

Annalise is shaking in her boots because now that Gabriel is in town, the case of Sam’s death could be opened again. Could his tampering with things end up being the reason she is taken down?

On top of the Gabriel issue, there was another murder that was committed by Bonnie (Liza Weil) and covered up by Nate (Billy Brown). With it taking place at the wedding and with Gabriel around, this could have major fall out.

If Sam’s death isn’t handled and put back to bed, Annalise could be dealing with a lot more trouble than she’s handling now.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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