Who killed Justin on The Walking Dead?

Justin of the Saviors on The Walking Dead
Justin of the Saviors on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

The mystery of who killed Justin on The Walking Dead may have just been solved.

At the end of the October 14 episode, Justin was banished from camp by Rick Grimes. Before it faded to black, Justin was attacked by an unknown assailant in the dark.

Then, during the opening of the October 21 episode, walkers were shown feeding on a body. As they walked off, that body sat up, revealing that it was Justin. In the background, a warning was on the wall of a building. It read: “Final warning.”

Who killed Justin on The Walking Dead?

Toward the end of the latest episode, Daryl and Maggie are out doing some searching. They stumble across a group of people holding Arat (a Savior) hostage. It turns out to be a group of Oceanside women, led by Beatrice and Cyndie.

It turns out that these Oceanside women have been killing Saviors while on a revenge tour. Beatrice, who admits to being the one who killed Justin, states that Arat is the last one. She also tells them that Justin was the one who killed her husband. As for Cyndie, she states that Arat killed her brother.

While Arat begs for her life, Maggie and Daryl are more keen to listen to Cyndie. The Oceanside women appeal to them to let them finish the deed. They tell Maggie that when she hung Gregory, it empowered them to fight back as well. As Maggie and Daryl walk off, Arat is murdered by her captors.

Beatrice killed Justin on The Walking Dead but has no remorse for her act of vengeance. While this moment could have a lasting impact, the immediate impact is that Maggie may feel a new purpose and the Oceanside women have shown themselves to be able to fight back on their own.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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