Who is Trish on Jessica Jones?

Trish Walker in Jessica Jones
Trish tries out Hellcat costumes in Jessica Jones Season 3. Pic credit: Netflix

The second episode of the third and final season of Jessica Jones, which premiered on Netflix on Friday, focuses on how Trish became a vigilante superhero after her transformative surgery with IGH’s Dr. Karl Malus in Season 2.

Trish narrates the episode, titled A.K.A. You’re Welcome. She is shown training to develop her cat-like reflexes and skills. We also see her making her first crime-fighting efforts.

Trish decides to adopt a costume to conceal her identity after she is recognized while trying to stop a thief. She tries out several costumes and some fans will recognize one of them as resembling the classic Hellcat costume from the comic books.

She finally chooses a jacket and pants costume with a hat and bandanna. However, as a hat-tip to her comic-book costume, she wears a yellow shirt under the jacket.

Trish in Jessica Jones: Biography

Trish, whose birth name is Patricia Walker, is a radio personality, former model and child star. She is Jessica Jones’ (Krysten Ritter) adoptive sister and best friend. As a child, she starred as Patsy on a TV show called It’s Patsy. Although she achieved stardom as Patsy, her only desire was to become a superhero.

After Trish became a child star, she suffered abuse in the hands of her exploitative mother Dorothy Walker and her difficult childhood led her into drug addiction. Dorothy later adopted Trish’s classmate Jessica Jones, who had lost her family in a car crash.

Trish accidentally discovered that Jessica had superpowers. She agreed to help Jessica keep her powers secret but one day when Jessica caught Dorothy abusing Trish, she used her superpowers to help Trish.

Trish and Jones were later estranged and Trish became a pop singer. But her life continued to be plagued by substance abuse. After she entered rehab and recovered from her drug addiction, she became the host of the popular talk show Trish Talk.

When Trish and Jessica meet again, Trish admits that she envies Jones’ superpowers and tries to convince her to become a vigilante superhero but Jones dismisses the suggestion.

Jessica later meets and falls under the manipulative and oppressive mind control powers of Kilgrave. She finally resists his control and escapes.

Jessica becomes a private investigator and runs her own private detective agency Alias Investigations. Trish convinces her to investigate her past and the company called IGH, which conducted the experimental procedure that gave Jessica her superpowers.

Trish and Jessica soon find themselves delving into the secrets of IGH and Trish decides she wants to fulfill her dream of becoming a super-powered person. She gets one of IGH’s doctors, Karl Malus, to operate on her so that she can acquire special abilities and powers like Jessica.

Malus operates on Trish in a secret IGH facility but Jessica interrupts the procedure because she fears it could harm Trish. When Jessica rescues Trish, Malus commits suicide by destroying the IGH facility while he is inside it.

However, Jessica’s intervention comes too late as Malus’ procedure had already transformed Trish. She discovers that she has enhanced reflexes, powers and skills. She kills Jessica’s mother Alisa who had tried to kill her while she was at the hospital.

Trish then trains to acquire mastery of her powers and becomes a vigilante. But when she is recognized while trying to catch a cell phone thief, she decides to adopt a costume to disguise herself.

Who portrays Trish in Jessica Jones?

Patricia “Trish” Walker in Jessica Jones is portrayed by the Australian actress and model Rachael Taylor. Taylor, born in July 1984, started her acting career in Australia and played the role of Sasha Forbes in Headland (2005-2006).

She later appeared in several Hollywood movies, playing the role of Teri Elizabeth Richards in Man-Thing (2005), Zoe Warner in See No Evil (2006), Maggie Madsen in Transformers (2007), Amie in Cedar Boys (2009), and Nancy Grey in Red Dog (2011).

She also appeared as Dr. Lucy Fields in Grey’s Anatomy and Abby Simpson in Charlie’s Angels (2011).

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