Who is Tiffany Campbell on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood? AD’s former bestie is back causing drama for Moniece

Tiffany Campbell on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
Tiffany has popped back up and Moniece isn’t thrilled about it

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Tiffany Cambell has popped back up and is invading another aspect of Moniece Slaughter’s life. After AD found out that Moniece’s baby daddy has been spending time with her former bestie, she tells Moniece about the encounter and naturally, there is drama.

Last season on the VH1 series, Tiffany was introduced as AD’s best friend. Things went way left when she started dating Moniece due to some perceived jealousy issues and they are no longer best friends — or friends at all.

Who is Tiffany Campbell?

Tiffany Campbell is to blame for the breakdown of her friendship with AD Diggs after she tried to cause AD and Moniece to break up. She went so far as to make it look like AD was cheating on Moniece but the plan backfired, ending her friendship with AD rather than Moniece’s relationship.


Fast forward to Season 5, where we are now, and it looks like Tiffany has moved on but she hasn’t moved far. In fact, AD spotted her at Lil Fizz’s house when she went over there to drop off some shoes for Moniece and Lil Fizz’s son.

When Tiffany came down the stairs wearing nothing but lingerie, AD knew trouble was brewing. She took the information back to Moniece, who was quick to confront her ex about it.

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During a Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood confessional, Lil Fizz admitted that he’s been talking to Tiffany since 2017. He met AD’s former best friend while she and Moniece were still battling over AD and the two connected.

Is this revenge dating or real love?

It looks pretty shady that Tiffany would hook up with Lil Fizz after all the drama with AD and Moniece. While Tiffany and Lil Fizz seem to be getting along great, we can’t help but wonder what her intentions really are.

AD seems to think so too. She and Tiffany ended up arguing about why she would even consider dating the father of Moniece’s child. This can’t end well!

Tiffany and Lil Fizz still together

Considering the potential drama and what has already happened between Tiffany and Moniece, many LHHH fans want to know if Tiffany and Lil Fizz are even still together. The answer is yes, as far as social media indicates, the pair are still going strong.


That can’t sit well with Moniece, who made it clear to Kamron’s dad that if he wants to be with Tiffany, she doesn’t want any of it. How might that affect their co-parenting relationship, which was going great prior to news of Fizz’s new girlfriend?

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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