Who is Dr. Cain on The Resident? Morris Chestnut debuts new character

Morris Chestnut on The Resident.
The newest doctor on The Resident is Barrett Cain. Pic credit: FOX

The Resident returned tonight for Season 3 and fans were chomping at the bit to see what was in store for their favorite medical professionals. FOX did it again and the season premiere was nothing short of gripping.

Viewers have seen their fair share of new additions to the cast. Last fall, Alec (Miles Gaston Villanueva) was added to the cast. He was a familiar face to some, but others had no idea who he was. While his demeanor wasn’t what was expected, Alec survived.

Now, another new face has joined The Resident. Dr. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut) is the latest addition to the doctor squad. Dubbed as an intimidating neurosurgeon, viewers are expecting some intense moments between him and the other doctors moving forward. He was hired to help turn around the hospital’s finances and his quest for more money and power may make him the man to get the job done.

He was brought on to add to the conflict and inflict some chaos among the doctors. This will be a driving force on this season of The Resident. Dr. Barrett Cain is the best at what he does, but if you cross him, beware.

Viewers may recognize Morris Chestnut from other television shows, including Nurse Jackie, Goliath, The Enemy Within, and the FOX show, Rosewood. He will be an excellent addition to The Resident cast and as the season progresses, he is expected to get a reaction from the fans.

It is unclear how long he signed on for with The Resident, but it is expected to be at least through the end of the season. He will be intertwined with the other doctors and some things may come to light that will have consequences. Hiring Morris Chestnut was intentional and The Resident writers plan to give him all they have.

The Resident airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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