Who is the monster on The Masked Singer?

Who is behind the adorable monster costume on The Masked Singer? Pic credit: FOX

The monster will be back to perform on the next episode of The Masked Singer. During the first time that the monster performed, a few clues were shared that had people guessing who could be behind the mask.

In the video clip of clues, the monster explains that he chose this costume because the world labeled him a monster. He also explains that the game turned on him and he disappeared from the spotlight to recover. Now, the monster is back to rewrite his mix tape.

During the first performance, the monster chose to sing rather than rap, even though he did seem to be a rapper. The judges on the show guessed that perhaps the person had gone to jail.


On Twitter, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of people who are guessing that the performer is T-Pain. In fact, most people are sure of it.

T-Pain did have some legal issues, including when cops pulled him over for driving with a suspended license.

He also had an altercation with police after he refused to shorten his show at the Radio One Spring Fest concert back in 2007.

But did he really leave the spotlight for a period of time because the world saw him as a monster?

Twitter users have other guesses, including Ja Rule who was supposedly banished by Eminem, Vanilla Ice, and Cee Lo Green.

Other suggestions include Wayne Brady and Bobby Brown. While Brady is known as a comedian, his Twitter profile does reveal that he likes to sing.

The judges even guess that it could be Chris Brown performing under the costume but some Twitter users are expressing their dislike for Brown being a possible contestant.

As viewers may remember, he was accused of assaulting Rihanna back in February 2009. The Rolling Stone would later release a timeline of Brown’s history of violence towards women.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on FOX.

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