Who is Terry on General Hospital? Cassandra James is Liz’s transgender friend

Cassandra James, who plays Terry on General Hospital
Cassandra James, who plays Terry on General Hospital. Pic credit: @cassandrajames_/Instagram

General Hospital fans have been treated to their first glimpse of Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) childhood friend Terry. Cassandra James plays the former BFF of Port Charles’ fave nurse, and is one of the first ever transgender actors to portray a transgender character in a soap.

Over 10 years ago ABC’s now defunct soap All My Children featured a transgender character, Zoe Luper. Actor Jeffrey Carlson, who is not transgender, starred in the role.

Then in 2015 The Bold and the Beautiful made television history when they cast transgender actor Scott Turner Schofield as “transgender mentor” Nick.

Cassandra James began the medical transition from being physically male to female in 2016. The Canadian native now lives in L.A. and describes herself as an actor, an artist and an advocate for transgender rights.

James relocated to Southern California in 2017 and playing Terry on GH is her breakout role.

After her debut GH episode aired James tweeted her love for the fans, thanking all for their support.

The cliffhanger on her debut saw Liz rave about Terry her male buddy to Franco (Roger Howarth) and Drew (Billy Miller). When Terry knocked on the door, Liz opened it to find a gorgeous woman who happily informed her that her childhood bestie had arrived!

How will this groundbreaking GH storyline play out? We’re excited to discover more about the plot, and the beautiful and talented actress James, in the days to come.

Be sure to tune in to General Hospital for all of the fantastic storytelling and dramatic action that you’ve come to love over the years!

General Hospital airs on weekdays on ABC.

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