Who is pregnant on MTV’s Floribama Shore?

Kortni and Codi in the Floribama Shore house
Kortni takes a pregnancy test

Floribama Shore has kept fans in suspense about who could be pregnant this season. When the trailer for Season 2 dropped, a scene with a pregnancy test was included.

The last several weeks have brought theory after theory regarding which one of the Floribama Shore cast members could have a bun in the oven. After the most recent episode, we finally know the answer.

Kortni Gilson is the one who takes the pregnancy test. This is shocking because the way the promo made it seem, it was one of the other girls. Many believed it was Kayla Jo who was pregnant as she is expecting her first child right now.

After seeing how complicated things were between Kortni Gilson and her boyfriend Logan are, adding a child into the mix may not be a good idea. Her Floribama Shore roomies have voiced their concern about his behavior and it was already revealed that she has a restraining order against him right now.

It is clear that if Kortni was pregnant, she no longer is. Her social media photos reveal she is still in great shape, and she has been drinking recently. When Floribama Shore was airing, she visited the hospital shortly before taking the pregnancy test. If she was pregnant for sure, they should have noted it.

There is no definitive answer about the pregnancy right now. It was confirmed she is the one who took the test, but the results and aftermath are still up in the air. Floribama Shore fans will find out more next week then another all-new episode airs.

Floribama Shore airs Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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