Who is Phineas on NCIS? Jack Fisher continues role

Phineas On NCIS
Jack Fisher plays Phineas on the NCIS cast for Season 17. Pic credit: CBS

Phineas became an important NCIS character this season when he moved in next door to Gibbs. The kid also won Gibbs over, which led to some tips on life and how to play baseball.

Having Phineas on screen has allowed viewers to see the softer side of Gibbs, which is always nice as an interlude to the dramatic moments that control the show each season.

During one episode, Gibbs even stepped in as a babysitter for Phineas when his mom had to tend to something. Later, viewers found out exactly what she had been up to all along.

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NCIS: Phineas mom turns out to be Sahar

An important plot point to Season 17 of the show had been right under the noses of viewers for quite a while. During the fall finale, it was revealed that the woman going by Sarah, Phineas’ mom, was actually Sahar.

Sahar was the reason that Ziva David came back during the Season 16 finale. With Ziva and Gibbs chasing after Sahar during the first two episodes of Season 17, it seemed like they had cornered their quarry. Facing the prospect of getting captured, Sahar had her men kill her. Only that woman turned out to not even be Sahar.

All through Season 17, while Gibbs was helping out Phineas, it seems that Sahar/Sarah was using it as an opportunity to stay close. It wasn’t until the fall finale that everything became clear. But then it took a turn that had to be addressed during the winter premiere.

Gibbs killed Phineas’ mom and there were going to be repercussions from that choice. Would Phineas be able to see past what Gibbs had done?

Young Jack Fisher has been good in the role of Phineas this season. Though he is just a kid, he has an extensive list of credits on his IMDb page already. That includes episodes of The Conners, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Grace and Frankie, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and American Horror Story.

It might also be amusing to NCIS fans that Fisher appeared as Peter during a 2017 episode of NCIS: Los Angeles called Fool Me Twice.

None of those roles was as extensive as the one that Fisher undertook as Phineas on NCIS, so it’s possible that this could become his springboard show.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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