Who is Kaila Wilkie aka Winter Blanco on Bad Girls Club?

Kaila Wilkie aka Winter Blanco, who stars in Season 16 of Bad Girls
Kaila Wilkie aka Winter Blanco, who stars in Season 16 of Bad Girls Club. Pic: Winter Blanco/Instagram

Bad Girls Club Season 16 is in full swing — and one of the main stars is Kaila Wilkie, aka Winter Blanco. But who is she?

Kaila runs The Frost Collection, which sells accessories with the tagline “Simply inspired by being beautiful and bad at the same time.”

The site currently has various chockers for sale ranging from $20 to $23  — for the bad girl look.

She has her sights set on making it big one day (she says her ambition is “making millions”), but she already has high-class tastes with Hennessy her favorite drink.

Her favorite rappers are Drake or Big Sean and she’s dipped her toes into the music scene herself, with a cover of Home-Tink, on Soundcloud.

She also used to be part of White Girl Mob under the name Princess Drop Dehd.

Check out a video of her below.

Kaila’s favorite feature about herself is her eyes, but it’s safe to say being serious isn’t really her thing. When asked by Bad Girls Club producers Oxygen who her favorite candidate was for the 2016 presidential elections, she simply replied: “Meh.”

She says the television characters that she can relate to the most are Louise from Bob’s Burgers and Roger from American Dad!.

Kaila isn’t long in the limelight but she already has a big social media following, with more than 220,000 fans on Instagram, and 13,000 on Twitter.

She is a big tattoo fan and has two, including one of an octopus on her left butt cheek and ‘West Coast’ written across the top of her left and right legs at the back.

Bad Girls Club airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Oxygen.

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